Naruto cosplay intro

Naruto as he appears in Part II
Naruto as he appears in Part II (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Naruto is a hugely popular Japanese manga series about a young man called Naruto Uzumaki, who would like to end up being top-ranking ninja of his village (Hokage).

Cosplay is a pastime that is getting more and more popular. The phenomenon where people wear the same costume as their favorite movie character, superhero, cartoon character, and more, has existed for more than 20 years, but it still gains in popularity. Particularly in eastern countries it’s a true hype, and influences, in Japan for example, the street culture and urban fashion.
Now and then we also witness the phenomenon on TV, at the premiere of a movie for instance, when die-hard fans show up dressed-up as their favorite character. This is most often seen at superhero movies. Cosplay is also becoming a common sight at video game launches: in the long queues at the stores, you can see many fans dressed as their characters.

Naruto is one of the biggest manga comics and anime series ever, and thus an obvious reference for the cosplay fans. Naruto himself isn't the only cosplay target,  many other characters are also very hot with the cosplay fans.

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