Naruto cosplay tutorials

Where can I find the necessary props for my costume?

There are entire communities for cosplay online.
 So “How to make  naruto cosplay” or “Are there any naruto cosplay tutorials” are often the most asked questions in many cosplay forums. We have located an awesome list of cosplay tutorials to help every naruto cosplayer to finish his or her costume or even get their hands dirty with some Naruto cosplay DIY action!

A cosplayer portraying Sasuke Uchiha as he app...
A cosplayer portraying Sasuke Uchiha as he appears in Naruto: Shippuden competing in the costume contest at the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


At the time of writing, they have tutorials on the following subjects:

Naruto Cosplay Accessories tutorials:

* The Easiest way to make a Naruto Headband
* How to make Naruto Kakashi’s Formfitting Mask
* Make Your Own Naruto Gloves
* How To Make An Anbu Mask

Naruto Cosplay Makeup tutorials :

* Naruto Cosplay Makeup tutorial : Kisame
* Naruto Cosplay Makeup Tutorial–STAGEWORTHY ITACHI

Naruto Cosplay Costumes ,wigs and shoes tutorials:

* How to make the naruto shippuuden jacket
* Naruto Cosplay Uchiha Sasuke Spiking Tutorial
* Naruto Cosplay Sandal Tutorial

Naruto Cosplay Weapons & Armor & Props Tutorials:

* How to make naruto kunai
* How to make naruto Cardboard Trench Knife
* How to make narutoZabuza Sword
* How to make naruto Gaara’s Gourd
* Naruto Cosplay Shuriken Tutorial
* How to make naruto Temari Fan
* How To Make Naruto Scrolls out of wood and paper

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